How to Identify the Top Digital Transformation Consultants

How to Identify the Top Digital Transformation Consultants

As the world becomes increasingly digitalized these days, many companies have shifted their operations from offline to online. Many are

As the world becomes increasingly digitalized these days, many companies have shifted their operations from offline to online. Many are undergoing massive efforts to take full advantage of this trend or simply keep up with the competition. Unfortunately, a lot of them have failed to catch up with the latest trends when it comes to digital transformations.

A report by McKinsey Global Survey released late last year has shown that 8 in 10 respondents state their companies have undertaken digital transformation efforts over the past five years. However, their efforts were ineffective. The success rate was even lower than the earlier research showing one-third of digital transformation efforts succeed at improving the performance of their organizations and in sustaining gains.

In cases like this, resorting to digital transformation consulting firms seems to be the most viable option for many companies struggling to keep up with the latest trends, especially those who have not yet taken up the course of digitization.

Why is Digital Transformation Consulting necessary?

Tapping the services of digital transformation consulting firms help chief management and marketing professionals to accomplish the following:

• Decide on what digital technology to introduce for long-term success. It helps organizations in keeping up with the most advanced technology available
• Determine what technological innovation to adopt, including e-commerce, business processes, operational strategies, and digital marketing. Digital transformation consulting firms can suggest the adoption of more sophisticated operational processes like new technology in interacting with consumers or upgrading tools and equipment.
• Identify the most effective and advanced means of reaching business targets and staying ahead of the competition

Even when your business shares some similarities with other organizations in the same sector, it will always have unique operational points that are suitable for optimization. An outstanding digital consulting company can determine what those particular points are. Specifically, it will be interested in knowing the following:

1. Valued Insights. A digital consulting firm that is interested in uncovering the dark spots of your business by gathering insights to improve your operations is invaluable. These insights may include statistics about particular tasks that take up much of your employees’ time, the ROI for specific investments, or consumer behaviors.

2. Growth Opportunities. Your digital consulting firm should be your partner in looking for effective means to grow your business. It must be interested in processes you have determined to help your organization grow and suggest their own solutions.

3. Your weak points. A competent consultant must be able to identify the things that hold your business back so it could suggest means to address them. What are the persistent problems that keep your business down? What processes are a waste of time and resources? How can you overcome these obstacles?

Things to consider before hiring a digital transformation consulting company?

The services that a digital transformation consulting company offers can help an organization in many ways. However, you may be hard-pressed to find the one who can truly deliver results amidst a vast number of consultants fighting to grab your attention.

To make the search more straightforward, below are six characteristics of a robust digital transformation consulting firm you should look for:

• Will it help you get your organization connected using the Internet of Things (IoT)
• Does it offer analytic data services?
• Will it help you transform your organization through digitization?
• Does it provide modernization services?
• Does it have mobility solutions?
• Does it have excellent cloud services?

Remember that a digital transformation consulting firm will have the knowledge and tools necessary to run their business. What will differentiate them, however, is when they take the extra mile to learn your business, your customers, and your processes in order to help you achieve your goals.

MicroAgility, a digital transformation strategy execution consulting firm is committed to provide you with diversified solutions and operational excellence and help you transform your digital strategies into pragmatic plans.

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