Most Popular on the Web Free Job Posting Sites in US
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Most Popular on the Web Free Job Posting Sites in US

Finding the right talent for your business has been made much easier since the widespread acceptance and use of the

Finding the right talent for your business has been made much easier since the widespread acceptance and use of the internet. Free job sites have become an ideal meeting place for job seekers and employers, with tools available to help narrow down to just the right candidates. Here we will look at the top free jobs posting sites in the U.S. and what makes them stand out from the rest.


Predominantly catering to the business consulting, human resources, and IT industries, iAgility offers a great platform where the best talent can be found easily. With five categories of users including clients, consultants, partners, strategic partners, and prime partners, the site provides different level access to potential hires and job opportunities.
Clients can choose to put up their projects directly or connect with pre-screened and partnered top consulting firms to work for, who can facilitate the process. For the consultants looking for work opportunities, they too can look up posted projects or connect with partner companies and work for them as sub-contractors. Top-performing consultants can also be recruited by the site to join their strategic partner program that enables access to better job matching tools and identifier badge on their profile.

2. Ladders

Initially catering to the executive online job search market, Ladders has expanded in recent years to include other professional recruitment needs. Job seekers can take advantage of the basic membership to peruse thousands of work opportunities and upload their resume to a database that is available to recruiters.
To gain access to $100k+ job opportunities and improved search capabilities, one must upgrade to the paid premium membership. Employers who also choose the premium membership also get better quality candidates and improved promotion of their posting.

3. AngelList

AngelList offers a broader platform where businesses can not only seek to recruit talent but also raise money online for startups and apply for funding. Their unique business model places focus on helping budding entrepreneurs find both funding and talent, with more plans to also help promote access to customers and support for product launches.
The site allows employers the opportunity to post jobs, source for candidates and hire via their AngelList Talent portal, free of charge. Their A-List tool allows top industry professionals to channel their resumes to top startups discreetly.

4. Upwork

Though this site has a global presence, it started in Silicon Valley as a means of connecting with talent located remotely. The site allows both employers and job seekers to set up free profiles. Commission charges are applied to payments made for jobs completed.
The platform caters to a wide variety of business niches with over 70 categories of work to choose from and 5,000 skills to tap into. With such a wide pool of talent from across the world, competition is tight and rates kept affordable.

5. Scouted

Offering a more modern take on job recruitment, Scouted offers businesses a platform that will connect them with younger candidates with the right potential and qualities to fit into the organization. The site is less focused on past work experience and schools attended. They make use of people driven analytics to identify the right candidates.
Their use of virtual interviews helps candidates provide a more holistic view of their suitability for hire and gives employers a better insight into who they are considering for the job, which is more than a written resume can provide.

While there are many job sites to choose from in the market, opting for one that is customized to meet the needs of your particular business means that you get to pick from the best in a narrow field. Business and IT consultant jobs are highly specialized and call for a choice of candidate or firm that is well equipped with the best and latest skills and information to make positive contributions to employers. If you are looking to boost your business growth and improve strategy through collaboration with the best-skilled professionals, then make use of our top picks to gain access to the best talent pools.

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