Lost Your Value at the Workplace? Here’s What You Need to Know
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Lost Your Value at the Workplace? Here’s What You Need to Know

There’s nothing worse than feeling like your work is not valued. Even if you are toiling very hard to make

There’s nothing worse than feeling like your work is not valued. Even if you are toiling very hard to make a good impression and show your boss that you deserve their trust, no salary can make somebody stay when one’ efforts are ignored.

There are many ways that you can know they don’t value your contributions. Let us count the ways:

  1. Every little mistake is glossed over while your inputs are dismissed
  2. Nobody asks for your inputs in the field of your expertise
  3. Your supervisor doesn’t give you feedback, compliment, or input
  4. You are deliberately passed over for a promotion you clearly deserve
  5. There’s no clear career path for you
  6. Your requests and memos are ignored

Reasons Why You Lost Your Value at the Workplace

There are multiple reasons why you lost your status in your office. And every workplace is such a unique situation that it’s hard to point out the causes without knowing your own circumstances.

However, it’s not uncommon when you are very good at your job that your immediate supervisor gets insecure about his own job. When that happens, expect your boss to do everything to undermine your own capabilities.

Of course, this is assuming that you’ve done nothing wrong to make them lose their trust in you.

How to Avoid Losing Value at the Workplace

Always take each opportunity to learn. In small organizations, one-trick ponies are an endangered species so make sure you have other skills to share.

Also, make sure that you know your own worth. How can you expect the company to value what you do when you are not sure what it is you really do? If you are the company owner would you hire yourself?  Compute the company’s returns on investment after hiring you. What have you done and what can you still contribute?

Pay attention to small details to show the company that you are trustworthy. This means to never be late, take a few vacations, and follow instructions. In the same vein, you also need to show that you can be trusted to be innovative and to deliver when given the right responsibility.

Ways to Show Your Value at the Workplace

It would have been simple to say that you just continue to excel at what you do and your efforts will be noticed. But of course, everybody plays for survival in the workplace.

But it shouldn’t stop you from being nice to your co-workers. Compliment them for a job well done, offer your help on a task that is beyond their expertise, and sprinkle a lot of optimism and good vibes in the place.

Force them to notice your value. If you manage a team, make sure that your team is the best performing out of all the teams in the office. Businesses operate on profits so when you pull in the numbers, it would be so hard for the company to overlook your value.


Losing your value at work is not the end of the world. It could also be taken as an opportunity to go out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons. The paycheck may be nice but what employees really want is an affirmation and a good support network. When you lose those, maybe it’s time to move on.


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