Holiday Greetings to Business Partners and Customers

Holiday Greetings to Business Partners and Customers

  The chilly weather, snow covering the ground, trees and pines adorned with bright lights all remind us that the


The chilly weather, snow covering the ground, trees and pines adorned with bright lights all remind us that the holidays are near. It means that now is the time to send greeting cards to your clients and business partners. Also, it is the easiest way to maintain a favorable relationship.  The main question is how to compose a letter, so it is perceived as organic?

People usually write congratulatory and positive with letters in no particular form. A creative approach to composing such a message will make it not seem like a dry official document, but a kind of artistic work that is pleasant for the recipient to read and give a unique aesthetics of business communication. Do not be afraid of warm words. At the same time, these congratulations are of precise nature; therefore, they should preserve the structure of the presentation, which is typical for business correspondence. The conventional structure of the New Year’s congratulatory letters includes a greeting, a congratulation, a complimentary closing, and a signature.


Tip #1 Use official words in non-standard phrases

You will have to use common words such as happiness, health, and success anyway. However, you can use these words in a non-trivial manner to avoid traditional phases. Some examples of these are as follows:

Informing your recipient of the purpose, make use of «In celebration of the holiday season…» instead of cliché «happy holidays. »

It would be appropriate if you showed your gratefulness for collaboration in a letter of congratulations and best wishes. You may do it as follows:

«I would like to convey sincere gratefulness for your ongoing cooperation over the last years. »

«Looking back over 2018, [company] keeps in mind with deep gratitude, our regular and cheerful clients. ».

Happiness is one of the most important components in our life. Why not wish your partners what you want for yourself? Some examples of phrases that can be used are:

«I wish you all happiness and joys of the holiday season in 2019».

«I wish for the New Year to bring you joy, health, and happiness. »

Wishes of peace in all years and centuries have been and remain relevant, so do not be afraid to use the word “peace” in congratulatory and best wishes letters:

«We wish you a joyful holiday season with peace, cheer, and joy in the New Year. »

It is critical to mention best wishes for success in professional activities will be needed. Boldly wish for the company of your partner to succeed and prosper:

«Wishing you success and lasting accomplishment in the coming year. »

«The team (name of your company) wishes you joy, success, happiness, and peace in the New Year. »


Tip #2 Decide to whom you may write a strict style business letter, and to whom –– more informal one

The more you know your partner, the more informal your communication can be.

Less formal greeting More formal greeting
We appreciate excellent teamwork this year and look forward to the next year to continue working together!  Let us express our sincere gratitude for successful collaboration, and we would want to hope for it to continue in the coming 2019!


Tip #3 Be laconic 

The perfect congratulatory letter is a few sentences with sincere and warm wishes. The less words and phrases that are used will be more well received by the recipients, your letter short, including only the most important things.


Tip #4 Compose a letter you would be thrilled with yourself

What would you wish yourself? Try to write a bright, touching and memorable letter. We are sure you will succeed! 😉

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