Talent-Acquisition Technology - Your Guide to Hire Smarter
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Talent-Acquisition Technology – Your Guide to Hire Smarter

The recruitment of top talent has become a key aspect of business strategy in recent years.  Management has begun to

The recruitment of top talent has become a key aspect of business strategy in recent years.  Management has begun to realize that to successfully execute short to long term goals of the organization, they must have the right people in place, at the right time. Talent acquisition allows for the identifying of these suitable candidates and making them an offer that will not only bring them into the fold but also retain them as long as possible.

This critical human resource function has lagged behind in terms of the use of digital technology. Much more technological investment has been done in customer relationship management, while the important labor component has been much neglected. That, however, does not mean that there have not been any innovations within this niche.

  • Social Media – From Facebook to LinkedIn, social media platforms have made it very easy for people to connect via targeted marketing. Recruiters can send out information on job openings to specific candidates based on information on their profiles and their online activity. They can also be partially evaluated through online activity and interests to ensure they make for a good fit within the organization.
  • Mobile Apps – This technology has become increasingly accessible even for smaller businesses looking to establish a direct line of communication with employees and even customers. By having potential job candidates apply via a dedicated mobile app, the HR department can streamline the channel of information for quick assessment of potential hires. These apps can be configured to have recruits respond to specific queries, rather than comb through different formatted and detailed CVs.
  • Data Storage – Using digital data-driven channels like mobile apps, and even e-mails, HR departments can make use of cloud storage for better efficiency, cost savings, and tidiness. There is also less likelihood of data loss as compared to when physical paperwork piles up during recruitment exercises. The use of blockchain helps to further support this endeavor by improving the way data is made accessible and safeguarding it from any tampering.
  • Big Data – Talent acquisition teams can provide businesses with plenty of analytical data. This data not only provides a detailed profile on potential hires but can also be used to predict their future success. Whether it is IT consulting jobs or retail sales positions, this data can help chart the career or job progression of candidates. These analytics are also a means to an unbiased method of finding the best-qualified candidates and understanding the types of benefits that can help secure their hiring.

AI-equipped technological solutions are aided by big data to develop profiles of the kinds of candidates that would make for the best hires. The best consulting firms to work for will tell you that a combination of hard and soft skills should be assessed during hiring. With AI it becomes possible to identify platforms where such people can be found online.

This helps to craft the direct marketing strategies that will make such job advertisements appear where such candidates are likely to visit online. The use of keywords can be utilized not just on the wider web, but also internally when CVs come in. AI has been positively used in larger organizations to help comb through thousands of job applications to pick out the best candidates.

By allowing AI to take up much of the workload in recruitment, HR can focus more on already narrowed down to top candidates and speed up the talent acquisition process. It also provides more room for HR to better access the person behind the profile and CV.

The candidate experience can be expected to improve as there are better customized and targeted recruitment efforts, quicker selection of potential hires, more active engagement with HR, and better-tailored benefits packages. The use of chat-bots and scheduling bots helps candidates get quick answers to queries and smoothly guides them through the application process, without the need for human monitoring of the process.

Talent acquisition technologies do much to help streamline the recruitment process by relieving HR of mundane manual tasks, cutting down on hiring and training costs, and picking out top candidates efficiently and quickly. It is a win-win situation for the organization and candidates as both end up with their needs well met. Investing in the right tools, software and supporting programs should not be missed out on by any business looking to best achieve their goals.

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