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Career Plateaus in the IT industry

A career plateau refers to a stage in your work where you are stuck in a limbo due to some internal or external factors. In information

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Why Employee Empowerment is Important

Employee empowerment can be characterized in many ways. Empowering employees gives them the freedom to make decisions to some degree in their daily work. It’s about

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Happy Independence Day!

Let’s celebrate the day that gave us the freedom of thought, actions, faith and speech!

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How to Highlight Developer Experience on Your Resume

At iAgility, our team reads countless resumes each day. We have first-hand experience in crafting, developing and managing resumes from both sides of the equation: the

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Transitioning from a Corporate to Consulting Role

An effective consulting career often begins when someone is in a situation where they have increased noteworthy experience and mastery in their field, and feel confident

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Multitasking Is Not Dead Yet: 5 Tips To Become A Master Multitasker

Neuroscience revealed that, technically, our brains are not capable of multitasking. In fact, we just switch between tasks and never do two tasks simultaneously. However, project

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Managing Multiple Projects? Here’s What You Need To Know

You might often find yourself managing or working on multiple projects at the same time. Although our cognitive abilities should be able to handle this, it

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How to Ace Your Job Interview

Landing a perfect job is a big deal. One of the most important parts of a successful job search is doing well during the interview process.

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5 No-Cost Ways to Develop Your Skills

The consulting industry is a very competitive field with an abundance of highly educated professionals with proven track records of success. In order to succeed and

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Top 4 Trends for Successful IT Consultants

Computer-to-computer communications and end-to-end supply chain are examples of advances in Information Technology (IT) that have reshaped the way companies conduct business. Such advances have created

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